When they say thank you for your patience!

Not sure where or how this started. When we all need anything done, a customer service, even a simple purchase, this expectations of everything must get done instantly with no wait time.

Anxiety, feeling of unable to wait, everyone must perform at a faster speed, and must finish the work momentarily. Where does this come from and why!

Isn’t the goal getting any task done accurately and efficiently? There is always a deadline to meet, this not in question. Nor is the question how quick something should get done. This is about when the person requesting something done and the person getting it done both feel anxious to finish the task in a rush. This is why an error is most likely to occur.

Speed! from experience, the person completing the task is the one feeling the most part of anxiety and fear of not satisfying the request in the fastest speed. While the other person waits to receive, the person completing the task assumes this receiving person is also waiting anxiously. Why does it have to be this way?! When both people work hard to complete each task professionally and timely.

From my perspective, confidence comes with experience. As long as the person completing the task has the knowledge of what exactly needed, then there is no worry of completing any task efficiently with no errors or minimum errors.

Wonderful leaders showed me how not to rush instead complete tasks efficiently with less errors. They taught me to priorities and ask the question when unsure “when do you need this done.”

Lately, I heard this again, thank you for your patience! my reply was no, thank you for all you do! This anxious feeling of the other person completing the task caught my attention. The feeling of discomfort that sentence brought up the question, why should it not have been a simple thank you for coming see you next time!

Patience is a virtue, a wonderful experience of belief. Like waiting for a prayer to come alive. Not an easy task all the time, however, the outcome is always a blessing. Practicing patience daily gives the best feeling of comfort and confidence. Patience when accompanied with hard work can get us through any tough situation especially when we don’t see a way out. When we only need to trust, pray and be patient.

May the future hold a wonderful outcome to all with patience, gratitude, and confidence. Feels wonderful learning to be patient.

Please let us know what you think! have a wonderful day!


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