Very blessed we are to have a new day, new week, new chance to make it our best.

Mondays are the reminder to get back to order. There are many people who might not have a weekend to feel the Monday difference. The waking up on time, tasks needed on time, and deadlines.

Growing up, my first day of the week was always Sunday. At first we even had only one day of weekend. Different countries have different schedules and many different holidays.

I learned to respect and treasure each new experience as time goes by. I don’t feel that Monday is any different than other weekdays. Each weekday has a special task or event all the time changing like we change our minds about where we go and how we dress.

Mondays seem to be confused. Staff coming back to busy work schedules. Children returning to school. This may not be the same to someone who works at night, works holidays, and needs to work nonstop to help a family.

Observing is key to great perception of others. Listening is wonderful. Trying to help is the greatest pleasure.

Work gives me confidence and builds my experience with joy. Helping others is always my wish in any place. I grow truly grateful to be in a place where I can see people each day get help and humble to be the one helping them as much as I can.

This video was taken when I opened my bedroom window. Each morning, bees 🐝 are motivation, positive energy, and beautiful. The tree is Loquat. I pray all your days are healthy and wonderful. Thank you for coming through my post.

Grace (Samah)

The sight from my bedroom window each morning Bees 🐝 give me the best energy ✨️

One response to “What a Monday!”

  1. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

    Great wisdom “Observing is key to great perception of others. Listening is wonderful. Trying to help is the greatest pleasure.”


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