Dec. 01, 2022

Careful what you wish for! Is it really what you need? or more like what you want! in both cases remember that wishes are always granted in the way the heart desires not the way the mind might comprehend!

True wishes coming from your heart are more magical than you can ever imagine! there is no physical explanation for this feeling. The feeling of knowing exactly what will make us happy. The wonderful experience of hope.

One explanation does make sense to me. There is one powerful, greater, marvelous creator of all universes that will help us get exactly where we need to be and magically grant us all we need.

Every culture has their own words, beliefs and traditions. I learned to value all souls, humans, all the known and unknown dimensions in the universe. This is still a learning experience for me worth each minute of my time for adventure.

As long as your heart is pure, you will have all you need. Just like a prayer helps mend wounds with faith, a pure heart always finds a way to be thankful for the precious gifts, and even finds a way to help others in need, when we might think at times it’s hard to get through somedays, there is always something we can do for others.

Even a simple smile is magical any day! This I feel is the best magic all around in the air to breathe. When we can let go of anything we thought we need, and instead pray for others and try to help around as much as we can. This gives the heart a wonderful warm blessing and the mind exactly the need to proceed.

I wish you all Joy!

Samah (Grace)

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