You are never too old to take a Santa photo!

Today was so much fun!

My two sisters and I had a blast visiting the annual Sugar Plum festival. I love this event. A cheerful place filled with love. Handmade art, crafts, and so many goodies!

Prices were reasonable, very nice people, everyone enjoying a place like a little Christmas town, filled with many isles, Christmas colors, and all kinds of supplies. It was splendid to meet the pianist wife, and even see them work together, I am very excited now to have one of his CDs. John Livingston. (Link to one of his YouTube performances and his website below.)

No matter who we are or where we came from, discovering different cultures is awesome! I grew up celebrating New Year’s more than any holiday. Then since 9th grade, all end of year celebrations, especially Christmas, have become my best wonderful time of each year.

Beginning of December 2016, my life took another turn, Divorce. I learned to be brave, never give up, and start sketching a new life for me and my two miracle boys. Life filled with love, faith, and courage. I could have never done it alone. That December, I came across a wonderful heavenly spot in a mall and decided that the Sugar Plum Festival will always be one of my little family’s new traditions that I will make sure to go to each coming year.

This event was one of the first steps into a better, brighter look at my struggles. Being there reminded me of the goodness left in people. The smiles and creativity, even when you don’t buy anything, heartwarming and exactly what I needed at that time. I am more than thankful for all the help that got me where I am today. I feel blessed and overwhelmed with joy around this time of the year, especially for starting my new life in the best time of the year.

I hope you all enjoy today’s pictures as much as I did when saving them. Joy is always born from courage and never giving up!

I hope you all find your own joy each day!

Grace (Samah)

Met John Livingston, wonderful wife today. May they always be happy!


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