Reblog; Enjoy Destiny’s beautiful poem in response to WDYS # 163; A peep from heaven… — Destiny’s Designz

Powerful Nature!

Bright fire rising from the ocean, merging with dark clouds, lighting up the sky and the water!

A troubled person, may be scared of dark clouds fighting fire, looking down angry to scare the heart, pointed tips coming out of the water add up unease. Not able to acknowledge the higher spot of open blue sky promise of a wonderful day, decides to run away from such scene.

A lover will observe as romantic as can be, with few threads of sun brushing the clouds, hugging the ocean surface, what more can love be.

I can imagine how hard this scene will be for anyone grieving, all I wish to say is a prayer, for no one to feel as hurt as grieve feels even if it’s fate.

If you ask me this sight is indeed a blessing! wonderful creation of powerful nature, merging of elements that will never combine in one, when only our eyes believe they already did. Floating in space, heavenly, all colors come together in one beautiful scenery.

Thank you, Sadje!

Grace (Samah)

Written for Sadje’s : What do you see? Does this picture inspire you to write something? From the Golden BridgeI search the skies,a glimpse ofhis absent presence?Through mystical cloudsA window opens, golden wavesof warmth envelopsLooking upon usSoft showers of love, as hePeeps from the heavens… A peep from heaven… — Destiny’s Designz


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