“Everything is possible for one who believes.” Amen!

The highest you let your ego thrive, the more hurtful you let yourself fall.

Sometimes, we need to be reminded to watch out for our own hearts. No one can hurt us more than us when we open up doors for others, breaking a light inside of us, making it seem impossible to heal.

Learning the hard way is not the best practice. No one is perfect. Maybe this all needs to happen, I think to myself. To be a hurtful lesson. The painful, meaningful lesson gets harder to heal.

God made us strong. To a point, we do not even know we can handle pain, heartbreak, or loss until we face it. We become self-aware, loving to ourselves and courageous to keep going. Have faith it all will be fine. Nothing lasts, neither does fear, hurting, or even heartache.

Love heals. Love yourself to allow you to heal. Smile no matter how hard it gets, and move on gradually gratefully. Everything will change in a way that you will be surprised. As long as your intention is to love and selfcare.

This is not an easy task, but it’s a powerful possibility that only you can give yourself.

Best wishes to all, and thank you for visiting my site,

Samah (Grace)

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