I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying this wonderful time of year with loved ones.

First day making turkish coffee instead of tea! Cream cheese, strawberry jelly sandwich with chocolate pieces, and the best mom cup is an early Christmas gift from my little boy!

The smell of turkish coffee is usually the first best thing in my mornings. Not today. Still no smell, only a few hints of the cardamom smell in the coffee, instead, a lot of sneezing.

Itchy caugh with foggy head is a real thing. Overall, my body feels 50% better. Not yet the clear head to take on a task. On the bright side, I took photos and am sharing them with all of you here. That feels great on my end!

The bees out my window are remarkable! Can you spot how many they are on Loquat flowers. I love bees!

Each year, these amazing bees make the fruit its best!

A week ago, I found my long-lost favorite chocolates at Aldi supermarket! They sure came in handy. I have to visit Aldi’s often from now on!

These are my two favorite flavors. They come in many more. With the honey both helped my throat get better.


Thank you for visiting my blog! Hopefully, this covid goes away day after day 🙏

Grace (Samah)


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