Hot tea is perfect any time! Can you spot the 🐝!
(My favorite Yerba Mate)

I hope everyone is healthy and having fun with loved ones this time of the year!

Fifth day sitting home is not something I was ever used to. Especially with the foggy head I have. I did manage to have groceries picked up yesterday. I have to mention Ralphs online shopping for pickup & delivery is a life saver. Their staff are always welcoming when I shop. The pickup was a similar experience. On time, easy check-in online, and the fruit were the best they can be. I feel very grateful to have such services when most in need.

Today, my body is acting differently. Woke up many times at night due to a dry caugh, my head feels light but heavy on my shoulders. Breathing is better with pressure under my eyes. Sneezing little, but each breath is felt up my nose. My throat is a little sore.

I sure hope this ends soon. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Grace (Samah)


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