May all of you be healthy and all your wishes come true!

Merry Christmas 2022!

Holidays are all about feeling blessed, happy, and joyful. Friends and family are the heart of each day and especially holidays. Coming together is a wonderful gift when we realize not everyone can.

My small family (my boys and I) love this time of year. The decorated houses , the decorated stores, the joyful people shopping for their loved ones, the delicious food, and all the spirit of holidays in the air.

Home is where we feel peace, where we feel loved, cared for, and listened to. Family i s a blessing if we have one to visit. That is why this season can also be tough on someone struggling with mental health or any medical condition. I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the holidays and the wonderful time of year end as it transitions to a new year.

My favorite gift wrapping this year found it at TJMAX
Made my favorite stuffed squash and veggies with rice and potatoes today!
Wonderul wraps

Have a merry Christmas, everyone! A happy Hanukkah! And happy holidays to all!

We all deserve to have joy, love, and laughter!

Thank you for visiting my blog

Grace ( Samah)


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