Thank you for visiting me here!

Sunset at the nearby park!

This week has been tough with seasonal allergies 🤧

These past 2 days were the worst no matter how much tea I drink! I just need to go back to feeling like my healthy self!

So I took the flu shot, and this is far not the flu. I smell everything double, too!

I know I am very blessed it is not something worse, I just pray it goes away soon!

I wish no one ever gets sick!

Today and tomorrow are full of hard rain and wind here. I love the rain. However, I learned how it delays people from getting the help they need and even visiting their doctor.

I pray all of you stay safe and healthy!

Lemon Blossom out my window 🌞
Today’s Rain 🌧 😌

Thank you!

Samah (Grace)


3 responses to “Today!”

  1. Samira Avatar

    Stay safe 🙏 ❤️ ❤️


    1. Grace (Samah) Avatar

      🥰 thank you


      1.  Avatar



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