Live Daily Moments of Peace & Joy! Create Art! Decorate! Cook with Love! Selfcare!

Grateful & Blessed!

So many uncountable reasons to feel grateful, when just few years ago I could not have even imagined how wonderful it is to be Alive. My own joy was always born with courage, faith and love.

If you are anything like me, you will gladly share your knowledge, moments of joy, how you got there, and how wonderful the outcome can be after all the struggles!

All I hope for is to spread the light of hope out to the world, the light of respect, courage to overcome any challenge and above all encourage anyone who might read the blogs and comments to be brave, hope, and try their best in any situation to see the light in as dark as any feeling can be and overcome any fear that puts us down with our own determination to be alive, living the most wonderful life possible, not hurting anyone nor ourself, in a job, life or anything we hope to be, oh and please keep it real!

You cannot imagine who might need to learn from your story, my story and reflect the light to help them find light!

Teenager priorities are not the same as adults, and adults’ priorities are not similar to elderly priorities, one can only hope for a better connection all around to respect, care and find joy no matter how hard it may seem!

Sometimes we all just need someone to listen with open heart, open mind, and no judgement. Here you can share your journey if you wish in the comments until you reach your own joy.

This Is Possible!

Beautiful Green Bazil

This blog is not for any research purposes, only to learn and connect, and if a book comes out of this blog it sure will be about discovery of real joy! Gratefully and thankfully!

Wonderful Plumeria

You can make everything come true with hard work and never giving up on anything you really want!

I hope for a discussion that is helpful and very knowledgeable to all!

Now Live on Twitter, wonderful option to connect, learn and comment! https://mobile.twitter.com/qhauemaatejoy

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