Joy Cooking Delicious Food With Love!

Cooking delicious meal! Stuffed Veggies! Make it vegan or vegetarian your choice of spices! Enjoy !
Delicious Stuffed Squash Eggplant Red Bell Pepper
Love making this every year for the family! Thanksgiving Turkey!

2.5 pounds chicken tenders, small potatoes, salt and pepper, olive oil, cook in a pan on hi heat for 30 min. stir each side until well done, add colored peppers, onion, tomatoes, total cook time 45 min. Can totally put on hi broil oven to get the final cover.

3 pounds of fish fillet, olive oil, salt and pepper, over on Hi broil for 45 minutes, tomatoes and fresh basil with a squeeze of lemon


Pasta! Shrimp, corn, peas, and some tomatoes sauce.

Cooking time 20 minutes! Enjoy

Got some time to cook this wonderful rice stuffed squash and red bell peppers.

This homemade chicken veggie skewer is amazing in 30 minutes!


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