Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog wherever you are in this amazing wide world!

Yes, it’s official. I am 40 years old!

I have been blessed with lots of beautiful memories to cherish, lots of wonderful people to keep in touch with, and lots of amazing places visted on this life journey!

My sister decorated to surprise me, then took my picture!

Family, friends, wonderful people at work, and all around made my birthday magical ✨️

You have got to visit this area! Naples Island in Long Beach, California. Everything sparkles with joy here. Boat House on the Bay This restaurant is so awesome!

The food is amazing, very delicious!

Sangria is always my favorite 😍

I hope you all have wonderful loved ones to share your days with and accompany you on this life journey ❤️

I pray that we all get to remember the wonderful times spent with family and friends as this journey continues through hard times and good times to keep our spirit in full energy to create more wonderful moments to treasure each day.

Good luck to all, and may all your days be as magical and special as I felt on this wonderful day ✨️

Thank you for being part of my life on this blog ✨️

Samah (Grace)


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